About Us

Trussbridge is an independent investment bank based in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, operating under the regulations of the Dubai Financial Services Authority. We focus on providing quality objective investment banking advisory services for corporates and investors. Through our presence in North America, we also act as a conduit between both regions by advising on cross-border investments and business joint ventures.

“We are traditional and extremely relationship-driven in our approach as we intend to be a long-term trusted advisor to all of our clients. As such, our senior leadership is always personally involved in every client discussion and transaction, which further enhances our relationship-driven approach”

Samer A. Katerji  —  Managing Director

“Trussbridge is built on the key principles of investment banking; and is spearheaded by a seasoned management team with an extensive track record across the region and the industry”

Rody A. Yared  —  Managing Director